poem: Awful Abbott


And why is he so awful? Why do most

Of us progressives find the PM so

Offensive, so distasteful?  Sure, he’ll scrap

The carbon tax and other ways we tried

To do our bit; and all to boost his stocks

At home.  He’ll  stop the boats at any cost,

Upset our neighbours, beat his chest, befriend

Dictators prone to human rights abuse.

And what about the rights of refugees?

We used to be a generous land for them.

He’s cut our aid to foreign poor, will give

Free rein to miners, trash our forests, wreck

The Reef to flog more coal.  Who cares, so long

As Tony’s got the yobbo vote?  He seems

To want to help the blacks, but no he’s not

Unique in that; we’ll see what happens when

The miners agitate for more black lands.

He’s backed by Murdoch’s men, the right wing jocks

Who fill the tabloid press; top end of town

Of course are right behind him.  Woman’s place

Is in the home, there’s only one of them

In Abbott’s ministry.  The catholic right

Just love him, Pell’s a confidante;  he’d stop

Abortion if he had the chance.  I think

We don’t like Tony ‘cos he stands for all

The mean and nasty bits within ourselves,

The bits we’d like to think aren’t really there.

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