poem: Bali 2010

Bali  2010

Arrived from Darwin; airport queues were long

And slow, but staff at our hotel just smiled

And smiled; so we forgot the queues.  The rain

A deluge – streets of Seminiak were creeks

Of rapid dirty water; footpaths cracked

And broken, motor scooters flying  through

So walkers watch your step.  A warung lunch

Of mee goreng was oh so good; walked past

The Oberoi – too many police on guard

Lest we forget the bombings and the dead.

Next day a trip to Denpasar – the huge

Old market stuffed with carvings – that’s

What the Balinese can do so well.  I bought

A dragon.  Women tagged us – too intense

The tourist trap and constant asks to buy.

So home to nice hotel – we watched the storm

With vodka, juice and wow it’s hot in Bali.

We checked out Kuta – what a dump!  with lots

Of Aussies holding stubbies, shirtless, loud.

Big western stores in serried ranks are full

Of tourists just like us – too much, so back

Along the beach we walked – it’s broad and goes

For miles.  Next day a drive to Ahmed on

The coast a few hours east, past terraced rice

And mighty Agung old volcano.  So

Relaxed here after Denpasar.  We walk

Through miles of little fishing  towns;  the beach

Adorned with rows of boats – they’re long and bright

In dazzling sun.  We have a hut and heaps

Of fruit for breakfast, pancakes, lime and honey.

My goodness, life’s OK here; music, dance

Traditional  so lovely, full of colour.

But Rochi sick with ‘Bali belly’, soon

Recovered.  On to Ubud, busy place

Like other Hindu towns.  The Balinese

Are so creative, carvings everywhere,

And spiritual – with shrines and temples large

And small in all directions.  Monkeys fill

The Monkey Forest, mighty sculptures too.

A mix of craft and commerce, touts and monks

And artisans and beggars jostling with

The tourists through the narrow broken streets.

Long ride to airport’s cheap and friendly, just

Like most of Bali – friendly, warm and cheap.



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