poem: Barry at two

Barry at two


His little face is cherubic, and framed

By soft pale auburn curls, complexion light

With large brown eyes; he’s tall, and steady on

His feet.  His gaze is serious, as befits

His age, but smiles with ease, and often.  Talks

Away in baby speak with many words,

A powerful ‘No!’ came early.  Lovely child,

The brightest light in lives of Eve and Craig,

A precious gift; and times are tough just now

With not much work and not much cash.  Child care

He takes in stride, copes well. A spacious home

Is theirs, a big converted warehouse, made

A home by Craig’s construction skills.  Nice park

Nearby is Barrie’s garden, magic spot.


One grandad, moi, can’t help a silly grin

Whenever watching Barrie; he’s intrigued

By Rochi, loves the other family folk

Around him;  fixed of course on mum and dad.

His party just the other day – it came

Alive when Barrie shouted ‘More!’ and ‘More!’

When we all sang the birthday song, and so

We sang it many times.  And what a smile!


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