poem: Caitlyn


Young woman beautiful and talented,

Creative from an early age.  A life

Of promise there ahead.  Her loving mum

And dad and brother much have given, and

Would give so much the more to make the clock

Turn back, to right this wrong.  For Caitlyn’s felled

By illness grave and unforgiving – none

Recover.  (Much we know and much we do

Not know.)  How can this be?  There is no why.

And yet we know how strong is parent’s love

Of child.  We know that having children makes

Us vulnerable.  There’s this akin in life

And love – we never know how much there is;

Intense is better.  Thanks for what we’ve had.

And Caitlyn lived a life of substance; loved,

With thanks to Joe for sharing that; she worked

In distant Ireland, studied, travelled far

And wide.  She channelled beauty in the things

She made.  We friends and outer family feel

So sad and helpless.  Caitlyn though will live

Forever in the hearts of those that love her,

Forever lovely and forever young.





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