poem: C’mon Aussie C’mon


I’m angry, and ashamed to be an Aussie
I’m angry at the Right, the jocks, the pollies,
Their politics of greed. And where are all
Those useless Labor voters when they’re most
Required, the ones most threatened by the likes
Of Abbott? Don’t we get it? All that noise
About the carbon tax is just to get
Him to the Lodge (of course that’s what
Is wanted at the higher end of town).
Our PM’s not too popular just now.
The rabid right would have us know she lied.
It’s not a lie to change when change
Is needed or when that’s what mates in power
Demand. For one, I want my leader poised
To act for all of us, not just the mean
And rich. And are we so concerned about
A few cents less, in this the land of luck
And money? What about the planet’s fate?
And how about the little islands east?
They’re going under fast, and crops are stuffed
By rising heat already. We’re the worst
Of carbon baddies, so it’s time we paid
Our dues and showed some spine. We need
To do our bit with leadership, and help
The lands and folk with less avoid the fire
That threatens all of us on earth, right now.


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