poem: election



Disunity is death – that’s how it was

For Labor.  All their infights brought them down.

The Coalition seemed united by

Comparison, though Abbott won his role

By just one vote.  And blue was aided much

By Murdoch’s press – they bludgeoned red and green.


The monk has plans to aid the rich and trash

The forests, those thought safe on UN lists.

To refugees he’s cold and cruel, will cut

Our aid to those with nothing.  Climate change

Is crap, he says; he’ll help the miners crush

The greenies, folk who want to save the Earth.

And crazy Clive has won a seat; will help

Him dig more coal for China;  huge he’ll sit

In power with petrol heads and rugby jocks.


We sacked the mob that helped us duck the G

FC, with Greens devised new schemes for teeth

And disabilty, began to show

Some grit in tackling climate change, that great

Big threat to life on Earth, and tried to tax

The mighty profits miners make, to pay

For faster internet and better schools.


How could this happen?  Wealthy lot we are

And disengaged from politics – we like

Our shops and sport so much the more; it leaves

Us hostages to brief soundbites and bile

From Murdoch’s men, those rightwing shockjocks loud

In praise of Tony Abbott.  Greens did well

In Melbourne though, and won more Senate seats

Despite sustained attack by Rupert, Red

And Blue.  I vote for Green and feel somewhat

Alone amid a sea of shoppers, feel

A stranger here in Oz.  Democracy

Works well with choice informed; but outcomes poor

Must be, if vapid slogans guide that choice.


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