poem: Fraser Island in 2011

Fraser Island in 2011

We came by barge from Hervey Bay, nice spot

But busy, so developed, counterpoint

Sublime to Fraser, national park in all

Its glory – busy only at a few

Resorts, though over-run by four wheel drives

At times.  Sand island, biggest one of all

The planet – mighty sandblows Hammerstone

And Wonga, Kirrar  too; they bury lakes

And forests, shown again in future times

Perhaps.  You could be lost in desert, though

The gorgeous lakes of water fresh and blue

Are never far away.  And pristine streams

Traverse the forests cool and shady; huge

Old trees like Satinay, and funny ones

Like Scribbly Gum in groves of foxtail sedge

Bright green and softly beck’ning.  National parks

Like Fraser Island, precious jewel unspoiled,

Provide a special gift to folk like us

From cities; nowhere else like this to stand

Up close to dingoes bold and cheeky – safe

For them and pretty safe for us.  One blocked

Our path and didn’t want to move, no fear

Of massive four wheel drive.  These metal beasts

You need to drive the sandy tracks; at times

The long and lovely ocean beach is like

A highway – Fraser’s big enough to tame

Such loud and smelly monsters, though they seem

A grievous sin amidst the beauty.  Wrecks

One day they may be, gawked by tourists just

As now we gape at old Maheno, dumped

Upon the ocean beach by thirties storm.

Returning ‘cross the Sandy Strait we bought

A cottage, under spell of Fraser’s charms.


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