poem: Giant Ash

Giant Ash

I stand beside this mighty tree; I feel

Just like an ant. A hundred metres tall

Almost, and fifteen metres round the base.

I touch the bark – it’s live with funguses

And little beasties; stores a vast amount

Of carbon through its boughs and roots. There’s peace

Just now within this forest; there’s an air

Of rev’rence under this leviathan.

It has more genes than man and it was here

When Cook arrived with guns, disease and thoughts

Of bringing industry to Terra ‘not

So’ Nullius. So then we had the axe,

The chainsaw and the wood chip mill, with threat

Of death for planet earth and all within,

Not just the mighty Ash. Thank God for those

Like Jill who’ve kept the faith and seen off Gunns.

Now Nippon’s dark satanic mill is sick

And soon to die. Vast tree, be here when mills

And all their ugliness have quit the land.


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