poem: Islamic State

Islamic State

Islamic State – the very name strikes fear
In hearts of infidels, and that’s their game.
The ‘Caliphate’ controls bits of remote
Iraq and Syria. We helped to give
A base to these jihadists, made vacuum
Of power by crushing Saddam. They are cruel
And brutal, cutting heads off, slaughtering
The groups who do not share their strange beliefs,
Wahabi fundamentalists – kill kids
And women, no matter Christian, Muslim, all.
Successfully recruiting many young
And alienated Muslims ’round the world ,
Now striking, killing crowds in Paris, bombed
A Russian plane, killed folk in Mali and
The Lebanon.  What makes this brand of fear
And terror gain support?  I think the young
In Muslim groups worldwide can see no hope
Or future; this IS is off’ring fame
And power to those with none.  There’s hope that these
Atrocities across the globe will bring
The international community
Together, mark the end of IS; but
It’s said that middle eastern terror will
Be with us long to come.  We must not make
Another power vacuum. To win we must`    
Change hearts and minds, it’s not just bombs and guns.