poem: KRudd2, 7.13





KRudd2, 7.13


We’ve lost our first female PM, deposed

By Kevin Rudd – a mirror image of

Her own ascent;  opinion polls gave her

No chance against the mad monk Abbott, thought

To be more popular.  I don’t quite get

Why Gillard’s so disliked: articulate

And quick, a great negotiator, loved

By those she works with.  Seems to me the right

Wing shockjocks brought her down, as did sustained

Attacks  by Doctor No.  It happens here

In lucky Oz with voters disengaged

By more important matters: shopping, cash

And sport of course – so more inclined to spite

And vitriol from Murdoch’s press.  We are

Illiterate in matters politic.


Recycled Kevin, he’s an odd one, loved

By those not close, disliked by most who’ve had

To work with him, has contradictions by

The score: so good at sound bites, tends to long

And complex thoughts when pushed;  nerdy, said

To be religious, potty-mouthed at times.

I don’t trust Labor’s  tinge of green;  they tend

To lose it fast when challenged.  They’ve become

Dysfunctional;  corrupt in New South Wales

Especially.  At least with Rudd there’s now

A chance that Abbott’s not a ‘cert’ ( has no

Belief in climate change, would drop our tries

At tackling greatest threat to life on earth).


So sad for Gillard, now she’s history, but

Achieved a lot with help from Greens;  they’re more

Than ever needed now that Tony’s got

The prize in sight.  He’s way too close to power

Of business, miners, might of Murdoch’s press.

More brutal, vengeful bully rarely have

I seen , would set the country back for years.


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