poem: Marooned in Mirboo

Marooned in Mirboo

We found a lovely block of forest, built

A muddie large and rough; big task, hard work

But very satisfying; cost us more

In time and isolation. Friends were far

Away and so were issues, art and life

Beyond the rural peace and quiet.  The house

Was like a forest cave; had bats, was cool

On summer days; good place to raise the kids,

To taste the joys and woes of family life.

My job was hard at times; could feel alone

When birthing babies; sisters didn’t like

The new approaches, couldn’t give up power

To nursing mothers, went on strike and yet

We won – they had to change their tune.

Then partners came and joined the little practice.

So good to take time off each week; but then

A melanoma stirred things up; not far

Advanced, thank Gaia; made me even more

Inclined to live for now and not postpone

The goals I really wanted.  Seize the day!

A wise man said.  Met Gawler – what a chap!

Joined groups for peace and direct action once

Again; but folk were far far right in them

Thar hills; they weren’t our folk at all; they liked

The League of Rights, dear God! And so in time

We knew we had to move once more, to find

Those things we needed more than bricks

And mortar.  Sad to leave the forest home

We’d come to love, we headed back to town.
















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