poem: Ollie at 26

Ollie at 26

Hooray for Ollie – he’s come out, he’s let
Us know he’s gay.  A huge relief for him,
It’s clear, to drop the secret burden thought
About for long. It truly takes some balls.

You see, we’ve lived through times when gays, both male
And female, suffered persecution and
Derision. Not so now around the town
And backed with love by friends and family wide.
It still takes courage to declare oneself
A part of a minority, though large
And proud, that has till recent times been made
To feel not right; still is, by some rednecks
And nutters from the churches. Being gay
Is not a choice, and not what most gays want
To be, so Ol’ has taken time to work
Out what he thinks, adjust himself, before
He broke the news to all of us, his tribe.

His start in life was not so easy, for
His mum was sick in pregnancy, and Ol’
Arrived too soon.  School studies weren’t his thing,
But lots of friends and loving dad and mum,
Household so close when holding just the three.

So Ol’ became a big strong fellow, though
About him there’s a gentleness. He’s now
His mother’s carer; that’s his job while dad
Supports the household.  Ollie does it way
Beyond the call of duty – it’s his love
For Kim; through all her ups and downs he’s there.
For that he’s much admired; and Ol’ has taught
Himself a heap about complexity
In health and illness.  Skilled in kitchen too,
Just like his dad – we might yet see a place
Called ‘Ol and Tony’ somewhere ’round the traps.
They’d be so good at that.  Whatever, Ol’
Can now pursue the life that beckons him.