poem: parked in Prahran

Parked in Prahran

Rochina’d come to live in Melbourne. Down

At Barwon Heads we bought a little shack.

We fixed it up, spent many happy days

Along those beaches, loved the walks and cafes.

Then later on we settled in Prahran –

We bought a semi old and tired, untouched

For years until we added paint and love.

Our dog was Axel – didn’t like so small

A garden; crazed by thunder ripped apart

The new French doors four times, so poor old dog

He had to go. Prahran was crowded, felt

Like living back to back. Developers

Were building lots of flats; we fought them hard

And scored a very minor win. Dad died

Around that time;  I’m glad we’d done a book

That marked his full and varied life.

He didn’t want some things included –  not

For him the stuff on Jewish or eccentric

Forbears, no not in Dad’s successful tale.

A few years later Mum was failing; it’s

A sad and lonely state, dementia. I

Became her carer, not so easy given

The complex mix of feelings. She in time

No longer safe at home, so moved to care

Nearby.  And then there’s Kim my loving sister,

So diff’rent she from me; a party girl,

Her health destroyed by diabetes; sad

That Kim can make her art no longer. That’s

What happens – shit; but life goes on. I had

Another motor bike mishap – a car

I had to buy, so always stuck in traffic,

Decided Bayside seemed a better place

To live.  We sold up Barwon Heads but had

Our little Staffy Lucy to console

Us.  Rochi now had left the Law and joined

The art world; moving far away was hard

For her; thank God she likes the trains and trams.

‘Round then I had a boys’ own trip across

The country; such a little plane it was

But full of pluck, and skilful was our captain.

The Kimberley was oh so gorgeous; back

Across the deserts flew the tiny bird.

We found a little house in Sandringham

And started life amid the Bayside folk.

Barwon Heads

Russ Law

Eve c makeover

Clayton Rd Doctors, and Trinity Beach

wed in NSW, 2002




and in Vic


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