poem: Rochi

Rochi in 2010

My dark-haired love Rochina – beauty, noise

And loads of sparkle; quick to laugh or damn,

Hard-working, bright at school, an eye for value.

Her mum and dad strove much; but he, afraid

In alien Oz, ruled wife and brood too harshly.

Constrained at home, the girls could not do much

Until they left to marry.  Rochi found

Another way; stood up to dad, found Law

At uni, starred at studies.  Love remained

Too hard; deceitful men left scars, and need

To stand alone, untrusting.  Friends were loyal –

Their love made up for much.  Stress of work

At Law became an issue.  Met old Rod

Who had a scar or two.  We fight at times

But trust and lust remain intact; the lust

Is more from me; except that lust to win

A verbal – take no prisoners – comes from Law.

But Law too stressful; change to Art not easy,

And jobs are few and hard to get.  I think

Her love of art will see her through in time.

Rochi, early days


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