poem: Sink the Boats !!

Sink the boats!!


Asylum seekers fleeing terror sail

To Oz in leaky boats, and many drown.

But Mr Abbott says he’ll stop them, tow

Them back to Indonesia;  Bambang says

‘No way!’  Says Abbott: ‘Look, America

Has done this well with Cubans.’  No, not true,

The US program’s failed, and contravenes

Law of the Sea.  Lib’s program’s even worse,

For US has at least consent of lands

To which it takes them back, agrees to take

Good care of them en route, processes true

Asylum seekers:  are they refugees?

If boats are leaking, folk are brought aboard,

And leaky boat destroyed.  The law forbids

Return of folk to persecution.  Libs

Don’t meet these international rules, must race

The other side to show the toughest stance.

So US has a better policy

Than Abbott’s, though in thirty years it seems

It hasn’t worked:   each year some thousands reach

US by boat.  What makes our Libs regard

Their poorer copy likely to succeed?

“Tow back’ has never worked, is fraught with risk,

Against the law, will kill more of these

So desperate folk.  A complex problem needs

A regional approach, not slogans loud

And stupid from a man who just wants power.


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