poem: Sixty Up

Sixty Up


I’m sixty now, it’s not so bad, sure beats

Not turning sixty.  Balance seems to come

More easily now, perhaps because the legs

Have slowed a bit.  Decisions also flow

With little effort, fruit of many made

Before.  It’s good to be alive, still here

And firing; aches and pains don’t matter much.


The engine needs more tending now, but think

Of those who didn’t get this far.  Look back

On family and friends, and all the things

We’ve done in sixty years in Oz – now that

Itself is rather lucky.  No real time

To start a new career; I think I’ll make

The best of what I’ve got, shall build on strengths

Acquired in all these years, enjoy more time

Just doing simple things for fun.  Grandkids

So cute may start appearing – can we give

Them some of what we’ve learned?  Life’s pretty good!


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