poem: Terror






These past ten years it has become a part

Of what we think about – nightmare of nine

Eleven, global terror, deftly spread

With hate.  Islamic group Al-Qaeda ‘gainst

The West – they bomb civilians, soldiers too,

Kill women, children, kill themselves with packs

Of high explosives under robes.  Car bombs,

Plane bombs, the aim to kill and maim the most

They can.  What drives such hate?  Sectarian strife

Is some of it, as in Iraq; and some

Retaliates against invasion by

The West or Israel.  Some’s just bigotry,

Religious fundamentalism – they hate

The West and western values.  Fertile ground

Al-Qaeda finds among the poor, and those

Without an education.  Massive fear

Provoked in us, we feel less free, must watch

Our backs, consider safety more than in

The past.  We fear asylum seekers, they

Themselves just fleeing terror, want a life

That’s safe and free.  The likes of Abbott play

Upon our fears and help achieve the aims

Of terrorists, in changing us to folk

Less free and loving.  How to mitigate

This global menace?  Tackling poverty

Is number one, with more from us to help

The poor and needy get the things they need.

Of course that’s health and education; non-

Religious, secular is best; avoid

Invasion – that just breeds the terror we

Are trying hard to combat.  Human rights,

Democracy will follow when the poor

Are poor no more.  The crazy bombers have

To be defeated – that means military

And police attacks against Al-Qaeda; hard

To see defeat of terror while such groups

Are still in action – have to choke them off.

To free the world of terror means more aid

And education; that’s the nub of it.


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