poem: Thank Gaia for Tim

Thank Gaia for Tim

It’s such a big idea: the thought that all
Our love of growth and progress leads to hell
On  earth.  The nest is fouled, the planet stuffed,
We’ll need another one, somewhere.  Will  Gaia,
So long abused, find tipping points to send Us  under?  Droughts, bushfires, extinctions, floods
And crops declining, all about us now.

Can climate change be turned around in time
To save the ship and all its souls?  Lovelock
Says no, too late, just moving chairs around
The deck.  Remember nuclear winter?  Climate change
Is with us now – no need for nuclear war
To get it started.  Still we argue dusty
Pros and cons, and who among the nations should
Pay more.  Can science save us?  There’s the rub.

We humans made up science, and science – great god
Of growth and industry must share some blame
For all  the mess.  It’s not like nature; takes
A narrow view of wonders green and complex.
For me it’s social, yes, political and
Emotional – such changes must come first.
Recycling stuff, renewing power will help.
Depression finds us now and will is crushed.
Denial also, not unlike the years
Of doomsday clocks, when nuclear winter looked
About to pall.  And boiling  frogs can seem
Akin to folk, when meetings fail despite
The great and smart attending.  Rising tides
Of people too, and all want more – the poor
Just want to be like us, the rich and dim.
Some corporations scheme yet now to grow
Their gold in spite of big emissions.  Heads
Of unions see not much past jobs, though green
We know will give them jobs aplenty.

We must not lose the wonders humans wrought
Down all the years.  We owe the beasts and birds
And trees and all of life a chance.  Please God
Or Gaia make our leaders bold and smart
And trusting, not just trawling votes and power,
Or backing nuclear mates to save the day.
That doomsday force was never meant to be.

And yet there’s hope: we have a man called Tim.
Our prof has shown a path to life for all
The species – all about cooperation.
The record’s there; we’ve done big things before,
Together.  Folk are trying one by one
To make their footprint smaller.  Nations rich
And poor are starting schemes despite the lack
Of overall agreement.  Can we here
In Oz move on and do it, show the world
Our major parties can unite and not
Just lust for power?  Tim has shown the way.


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