poem: Uni Days

Uni days

Exciting times – left home for uni – life

Was richer; politics now red not blue.

And home had been a place of worry, sad

With Peter’s angst and illness.  Trinity,

‘Old coll’, a kind of old boys’ club for sons

Of wealthy families; and yet a place

Of friendships dear and lasting.  Martin, friend

For life, was found back then.  Too great a load

Of studies narrowed my perspectives; not

For me the Beatles’ concerts, marching ‘gainst

The war was out.  And then my brother Peter

Became a fam’ly tragedy – he died

At seventeen of illness rare, severe.

My parents shattered; I was there to help

But not enough; though I don’t know what else

I could have done.  His death made life the more

To value, taste it all not pound the books

In hope of something better down the track.

Long vacs were great: hard jobs and distant hols

In foreign spots.  Those rites of passage made

Us confident and tougher.  Tired of work

My friend and I took off for Europe – loads

Of fun; we motorbiked the continent

Then back across from Greece to Singapore.

Boys’ own adventures made their mark on me,

Now generalist forever.  Life too rich

For years and years of studies; couldn’t see

The age of gen’ralists was passing fast.


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