poem: Upper Beacy and the Rainbow

Upper Beacy and the Rainbow

To follow rainbows made me happy; left-

Wing, radical, this one was meant to forge

A bond across groups red and green. It failed

At such a lofty goal but helped the Greens

Get going. I was there with Doctor Joe

And many others, all idealists; tried

Our best but struggled to agree about

The need to form a party; wrote fine words

Of policy on this and that, but when

It came to strategy we argued, came

Unstuck. Meanwhile I was a city doc

Again; strange partners, greedy landlords took

The shine off urban general practice; clients

Were not as loyal here in town. We built

Another forest home at city’s edge;

We found nice land at Upper Beacy, camped

While building – cold it was and rather rough.

We made a studio again, with kiln,

And bought a horse for Eve; his name was Justin,

He helped to make her bold and confident.

The boys and I did several bike rides ‘cross

The state.  And then I tired of city practice;

I planned to make a move to saving forests.

First step was hospital admin; but Prue

Had had enough of marriage, wanted freedom.

And so we split; how sad and painful. Life

Went on, it had to; tried to make the kids

Feel loved, regardless. Admin job was hard

In times of right-wing leaders; two years on

I made the move to forest conservation.







atop Mt Oberon

Upper Beacy









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