poem: Vale Lulu

Vale Lulu


Goodbye, our little friend.  Succumbed so fast

To unexpected illness, as you may

When old.  So sad for Rochi holding her

As Lulu breathed her last, so sad for me

Too far away, so hard to hear her ‘mum’

In such distress.  And yet such love!

As all Of both our families rallied round to help

Rochina in her hour of need, that love

In kind remit to me as well.  And what

Is left to us of Lulu, lovely dog?


Strong mem’ry of her joie de vivre, her lust

For walks and daily dinner time, her love

Of play and chasing balls of any size.

The walks were more like drags, so keen was she

To reach the beach.  And what a swimmer, fast,

With feral grin, emerging, ball in teeth!

We loved her game of making splashes, turned

Around on back legs, barking at the splash.

She had to find a rock pool just correct

In size and depth to play that game for hours,

Filmed sev’ral times by tourists from Japan.


At five o’clock each morning up onto

Our bed she’d leap and lick us back to life

And breath, as if we were her pups.  She’d made

The whole expanse of house and garden hers,

She’d filled them with her spaces; a presence strong


And constant in the household.  Strange to cross

The threshold and not see her, strange to watch

The television with no Lulu there

Reclining full of grace upon her own

Two-seater couch.  She’d talk to us as this

Breed does; she gave so much in love, if not

To other dogs.  A priv’lege living close

To such a breed, indeed to share one’s life

With human-centred being like our loved

And pampered Staffie.  She protected Rochi, times

When I was far away.  Became adept

At flying too, on holidays up north.

Our stays won’t seem the same without the walks

With Lulu ‘long the beach.  And so goodbye

Dear Staffie, little friend and lovely being.

I’m sure you’re there in dog Valhalla, still

The fastest pooch at chasing tennis balls.