poem: Warsaw Shame

Warsaw Shame

The world four-yearly meet for climate change

Is on in Warsaw.  Oz is looking bad,

Obstructing progress every day.  Sometimes

The Oz officials say they’re sorry, just

‘On song’ from Abbott; won’t increase our aid

To finance third world action, helping poor

And threatened lands to mitigate the costs

Of problems never caused by them.  This breaks

A pledge from last big meet, and makes it seem

To all involved that we don’t really want

To cut emissions.  Why is Abbott up

To this most devious of games?  To shield

The miners facing falling coal demand,

It seems, and there’s no minister from Oz

To clarify these things at Warsaw; just

A few officials parrotting the line

That Oz most likely won’t improve on five

Percent reductions, twenty twenty.  Look

At China:  minister is there, with high

Profile, and telling folk of China’s work

In many ways to cut emissions fast.

They won’t be needing coal from Oz; we’ll sell

It off to India, and sundry poor

Polluting lands.  The UN says that nett

Emissions must by twenty fifty fall

To zero, to avoid catastrophe,

But under Abbott Oz won’t do its bit.

We’ll sabotage the plan, to flog our coal.

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