poem: We’re fracked




Idea’s absurd, a joke, its surely not

For real.  But fracking’s done all over, since

The forties, countless times worldwide.  Just think,

You drill a deep, deep hole; then pump in sand

And water, chemicals as well, to crack

The crust of Mother Earth – extract oil, gas,

Dear God! uranium as well.  The aim

Is money, stupid!  Risks are many: foul

The aquifer, the ground, the air we breathe,

Add extra CO2 to climate change.

And now these greedy men have planned to frack

The Kimberley, have leased a vast amount

Of land so known for natural beauty, hub

For tourists, water well for Broome.  They’ll tempt

The blacks with money; seen it all before?

We’ve fracked them too, compliant when they have

So little, helps the miners get their land.

It’s hard to argue ‘gainst the jobs they need,

But what will happen to their sacred spots?

And will the work bring health and schools and joy

For all, or just enrich a few smart souls?

The whole idea of fracking’s not in sync

With loving Mother Earth as part of us,

And we as part of her, and raises fear

Of deadly nemesis.  O Gaia, tell

Them climate change is bad enough!  We’ve banned

The frack in France, but little hope of that

In Oz with tough guy Tony safe in power.

We may well need another planet, so

Keep looking NASA, find more worlds to frack.


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