poem: Maurie


He was our neighbour and our friend, top bloke

To all who knew and loved him.  Always there

To help and quick to offer, generous, fast

To show concern for others.  Lived round here

For all his life, a fit hard-working soul

Involved in his community; he loved

His footy club.  And what a garden grew

From Maurie’s hands – he shared the spoils with us

And others, best tomatoes ever, corn

So sweet you’d eat it raw.  But life’s not fair

To some of us:  this man deserved a long

And peaceful life – was not to be.  He loved

Good food and wine and talk with friends; so cruel

This illness, took away his taste and voice.

Our dog loved Maurie; dogs, they know a thing

Or two.  The old bronze ute and owner, bronzed

Australian Maurie was;  his friendship will

Remain with us forever.  Goodbye friend,

We loved the moments shared with Maurie Cross.

Maurie Cross



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